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Hidy Ochiai_Apple Sliced with Sword

Something to think about...I know I have (click on link below for full documents)

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Bird Project: 2010-Present 

The Great Obserbatories Origins Deep Survey or GOODS is an astronomical survey combining deep observations from three of NASA's Great Observatories. 

"Combat Jack"_Digital Image_Size Variable_2015

More Bird Project_Digital Photographs_Size Variable_2010-2015

Marble group of a Nymph trying to escape from a Satyr' (Roman Period, 2nd Century A.D.                      copyright:The Trustees of the British Museum

Nude couple in bed. Roman fresco from the Casa del ristorante (IX.5.14, room f, northern wall) in Pompeii. Ca. 62-79 AD.

Ancient Greek Erotic Art_320 b.c.e._

Director John Evans interviews Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Part for Self Defense, while he is awaiting trial for manslaughter in 1966. IMDB.2014 

"Unknown banded Hawk"_Digital Photographs_Size Variable_2014

"The Disneyland Memorial Orgy"_Art by: Wally Wood_1967


David Simon at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas_2013

"Morning Sunshine"_Digital Photographs_Size Variable_2013

His name is John Hutchinson and that is all I will say...

"April 9, 2013"_Digital Photographs_Size Variable_2013

Evergreen Review_Date Unknown

Kerstin May_Art and Obscenity_2006

MFA Show_California College of the Arts _2012

"Untitled"_Digital Photograph_Size Variable_2012


"Reach for a Lucky"_ Mixed media Installation_ 2012

"Self Titled"_Digital Image_Size Variable_2012

"ACME"_Collage_8.5 in. x 11 in._2012  

"ok.ok.ok.ok.ok.ok..."_ Mixed Media Installation_2012 

American Apparel Advertisements_2012

"We Are All Disillusioned Youth"_Mixed Media Installation_2012 

"Untitled"_ Oil on canvas with "Rustoleum" Finish._70 in x 30 in x 13 in._2012 

"Untitled"_ Log, Conch Shell, concrete block, ties, plywood, foam, human hair, Various sized caster wheels._2012

"Untitled"_Mixed Media Installation_2x4's, linoleum tile, heated blanket, mirror, plastic bucket, plywood, caster wheels, foam, pleather, silicone penis, found painting, Metal Studs, Drywall, Paint._2011

 "Filled in Door to Spray Booth at CCA" _ Metal studs, drywall, screws, mud, tape, paint._2011

Fabric Paintings_2011

Open Studios_California College of the Arts_2010

"Untitled"_ Digital Collage_2011

"This is not a test"_80 in. x 54 in._Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas_2010

"Untitled"_72 in x 60 in _ Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas_2010

"Blue Tags 50% Off"_Digital Image_Size Variable_2010


"Greetings from Iraq"_ Digital Postcard_2010

"Finishing Material"_Rockford Varnish Ad, 1939_Digital Image_Size Variable_2008

digital postcard from show_size variable_2010

"The Burbs"_ 90 in x 72 in _Oil on canvas_2009-2010

"Phantom Punch"_90 in x 72 in._Oil on Canvas_2010

"Alla Prima"_ 72 in x 50 in._ oil on canvas_2010

"I know it when I see it"_ 50 in x 40 in._Oil on Canvas_2009

"img.7929"_Digital Photograph_Size Variable_2008

"little house on the prairie"_collage and gouache on watercolor paper_ 10.13 in x 7.87 in_2008

"raking the leaves"_ collage and gouache on watercolor paper_ 8.14 in x 8.20 in_2008

"Untitled"_ digital collage_size variable_2008

"looking for something dear?"_ collage and gouache on linoleum tile_ 6 in x 4 in_2008

"Martha's Donuts"_Digital Photograph_Size Variable_2008

One of my synthesizing moments at CCA... Thanks Jordan

"The Society of the Spectacle_GuyDebord_1973

"Self-Titled"_Digital Photograph_Unaltered Variable_2008

"Untitled"_ coffee and graphite on reeves bfk_ 8 in x 10 in_2008

"Untitled"_ coffee, ink and graphite on reeves bfk_ 10 in x 8 in_2008

"The future of Rock N' Roll"_Digital Image_Fair Use_2008

"life after death"_Digital Image_Size Variable_2008

"eirōneía"_Digital Image_Size Variable_2008